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Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine

A Nuclear Medicine examination involves the administration of a radioactive tracer called a Radiopharmaceutical. Radiopharmaceuticals are designed to demonstrate the function of a particular organ without affecting the way the target organ functions. Most Radiopharmaceuticals are injected into a vein, however in some cases they may be ingested or inhaled. The camera used to acquire the images is called a Gamma camera, which detects the distribution of the radiopharmaceutical within the body.

Our Ipswich South Clinic offers Nuclear Medicine services which includes:

  • Bone Marrow Study
  • Gastric Emptying Study
  • Bone Scan (with SPECT/CT) – Whole Body Study / Localised Study
  • Brain Perfusion SPECT Study
  • Gated Heart Pool Study (A.K.A MUGA or GHPS)
  • HIDA Scan / Biliary
  • Lacrimal Tear Duct Study
  • Liver Haemangioma Study / RBC Liver
  • Liver / Spleen Study
  • Renal MAG3 and DTPA Study
  • Meckles Diverticulum Study
  • Myocardial Perfusion Study / Stress Test (Tc99m Sestamibi)
  • Parathyroid Study
  • Renal DMSA Study
  • Thyroid Scan
  • VQ Scan
  • Cardiac Viability Study (Thallium)